18 Jun

>Thank you for participating in the first year of Sincerely, Keff!  To take the quiz again, go to http://bit.ly/kefffinal2011.  For 2012 updates, go to bit.ly/keffcalendar.  For the calendar, go to bit.ly/keffhtml.  To embed the calendar, go to bit.ly/keffical


>Please go to bit.ly/kefffinal2011

15 Jun

>If you pass, you get access to the Sincerely, Keff website (in progress)

>Unit 4 Bonus(es) & Unit 4 Quiz

13 Jun

>skio = Sincerely, Keff is Over!!!
hags = Have a Great Summer!!!
Link to Unit 4 Quiz: bit.ly/keff4quiz

Please note that the final exam will start this Wednesday.

>Unit 4: Lesson 5

10 Jun

>tgif = thank god (or goodness if you’re talking to a teacher) it’s friday

>Unit 4: Lesson 4

6 Jun

>hay = How are You?
hayd = How are You Doing?

>Unit 4: Lesson 3

3 Jun

>to = timeout

>Unit 4: Lesson 2

2 Jun

>>:( = mad

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