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18 Jun

>Thank you for participating in the first year of Sincerely, Keff!  To take the quiz again, go to  For 2012 updates, go to  For the calendar, go to  To embed the calendar, go to


>Please go to

15 Jun

>If you pass, you get access to the Sincerely, Keff website (in progress)

>Unit 4 Bonus(es) & Unit 4 Quiz

13 Jun

>skio = Sincerely, Keff is Over!!!
hags = Have a Great Summer!!!
Link to Unit 4 Quiz:

Please note that the final exam will start this Wednesday.

>Unit 4: Lesson 5

10 Jun

>tgif = thank god (or goodness if you’re talking to a teacher) it’s friday

>Unit 4: Lesson 4

6 Jun

>hay = How are You?
hayd = How are You Doing?

>Unit 4: Lesson 3

3 Jun

>to = timeout

>Unit 4: Lesson 2

2 Jun

>>:( = mad

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